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Huizache, Bay Area Reading

HUIZACHE is a leading Latino literary magazine in the US and a metaphorical home to a growing wave of undeniably gifted new writers from the edges, corners and fringes of the American West: El Paso, San Antonio, Chicago, Tucson, Austin, San Francisco, Mexicali, San Diego, Fresno, San Jose, and Los Angeles among others. These cities are bursting with fresh voices and faces inspired by the sights, sounds and music of their own culture and who are writing from their own homelands. (Credit: Huizache 6th Issue Press Release)

Hosted by Suzy Huerta

Musical Guests: John Santos, José Roberto Hernández, and Manuel Constancio

Alan Chazaro
Leticia Del Toro
Nicole Henares (Aurelia Lorca)
Aida Salazar
Yaccaira Salvatierra
Norma Liliana Valdez
Ana Varela Tafur