En Plena Flor: Bloom


En Plena Flor : Bloom Art Exhibit

By Yadira Cazares

Maria Sanchez yearly curated art show “En Plena Flor” or “Bloom” has easily become an exhibition worth looking forward to especially during a time when women’s rights have been in sharp decline. The exhibition is a high note, a careful arrangement by women of diverse cultures that explore the meaning of ”blossoming” as experienced by each artista. The importance of the exhibition lies in lesser known facts about the curator behind the art show.

Maria Sanchez has been an advocate for women’s rights and visibility in the bay area art community for over a decade. There are very few exhibitions that also garnish the opportunity to talk about women’s bodies as it concerns artists that work in different genres and trends. This years “En Plena Flor” exhibiting artists evoke resilience, fortitude and transcendence. It is a show dedicated to women’s rights, equality and equanimity. Come and enjoy a truly gratifying art show that is full of color and bloom.

Featured Artists: El Rod, Roxanne Quezada Chartouni, Donna Rodriguez, Dianna Bernal, Silvia Ledezma, Valerie Medina, G. Billie Quijano, Gabriela Nunez, Dana Bloede, Ana Guadalupe Aviles, Alejandra Palos, Monique D. Lopez, Crystal Galindo, Lorena Castillo, Toni Rodriguez, Laura Jimenez, Yadira Cazares.

Curated by Maria Sanchez

Maria Sanchez