Luis Garcia - "Art making has opened my eyes"

"Art making has opened my eyes. It has helped in broadening my perception, my sense of place (in our present society and in the natural world; it allows me to visually state my perspectives, my thoughts, and my worldview via a painterly language.

Dichotomy is a word that seems to best describe my arrival to this worldview; a world view that has been in process my whole life. There is a duality, a split in having been born into one culture (El Salvador) raised in another (U.S.), seen as immigrant, now citizen, as an advocate, as a hypocrite, organic, plastic. Has anything really changed about me?

I like to push the art of perception, of illusion, of questioning; these are the possibilities that I feel painting can and should have. I believe in the continuous mortal coil and a primordial connection to the creative process. Humbly, I know I stand on the shoulders of others that have had the same desire; the desire to express, to create."

Luis is has been practicing and exhibiting his art for over 20 years at various galleries and museums in the San Francisco bay area. He is currently the Artist in Residence at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art and earned his BFA in Painting and Sculpture from California College of Art with Honors in 2002.

Luis Garcia's two paintings "Musa" and "Pygmy Hippos" are currently on display and available for sale as part of the current Flora & Fauna exhibit.


"Musa" is one of two or three species in the family Musaceae; it includes bananas and plantains. I was born in El Salvador, and have grown up enjoying plantains/bananas. I have enjoyed them as part of delicious cultural cuisine, and as a luscious, beautiful ornamental plant. We we bought our home, 10 years ago this coming year, it had a beautiful ornamental Red Musa tree. It unfortunately died, we believe the cold weather may have done it in, but before it passed, it produced one of the most beautiful, large, colorful flowers I'd had ever seen. This painting is a reproduction of this amazing flower."

"The "Pigmy Hippos" are a part of anEndangered Species Series. I have an ongoing series about animals and plants that are considered endangered of extinction a this moment in time. I wanted to create this series as a way to communicate the beauty, and natural history we may lose if we do not change our ways."




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