Stephanie Steiner Jacobi - Like a Moth to a Flame

"Like a Moth to a Flame", 16” x20” Acrylic on canvas $200    

"Like a Moth to a Flame", 16” x20” Acrylic on canvas $200


What is attraction? Attraction is a curious thing, like the magnetic fascination and pull between two people is based on many factors but it cannot be fully explained. This painting represents that attraction with the allusion that pollinators such as moths have an irresistible attraction to flowers, especially the allure of the beautiful ‘moth’ orchid. Further represented by the symbiotic relationship that exists between them because they cannot survive without each other.

"My paintings evoke a balance between realistic depictions of nature and abstract imagery. My goal is to avoid a literal image in favor of expressive compositions with color, texture and layering. I want the viewer to enter the painting and then come back to the surface stimulated somehow. Perhaps affected."

Born in Mexico City, Stephanie Steiner-Jacobi is a self-taught artist who currently lives in San Francisco. Her work is part of private and corporate collections in the United States and Mexico.

Stephanie's paintings are currently on display at Sanchez Contemporary part of the Flora & Fauna exhibit. For inquiries, please email

Maria Sanchez