Let it Bleed, by Valerie Medina

Named after a tattoo shop on Polk Street in SF. 

If I could communicate well in writing I suppose I would have been a writer. Instead I am a visual artist who needs to communicate through symbols, shape, color and sometimes texture. When I paint I am often feeling a certain way or thinking about something that is happening in my life and I am responding to in a painting. I like when that happens because it brings out a "subconscious creativeness" where the painting or images come to me in a stream of thought so fast I must go forward with what I am conjuring. I must be brave and reveal what I am thinking and feeling. Whether people relate to it or not. Whether I am revealing my inner workings or not. As an artist I must let people in, and let the demons out. But are they demons? or are they simply a "life well lived" (also a title of a painting.) LOL!!! 

Let it Bleed is a small 12 x 12 oil painting with a resin top that allows the painting to have a depth or dimension I could not achieve by painting on the surface and varnishing it. 

But this painting reveals so much about me. At first glance it may throw people off. It has blood in it like so many of my personal paintings do. Its a woman who sports a pompadour (chola style) and she has an anatomical heart where a flower would be. The heart bleeds onto her shoulder and arm, but to  merely describe the painting without the feelings behind it does not do it justice.

This painting represents love. the longing for a connection with another human being. But relationships are elusive to some people. Especially when a life is fraught with personal trauma. Reaching out to love again after heartbreak is what this painting represents. The title LET IT BLEED maintains a faith in the fact that love is possible but love must run it's course. Love is messy, painful sad and sometimes destructive to self esteem. The figure in this painting maintains a hope that love is to be felt in all it's wonderful passion and pain. Sometimes we tell ourselves we don't want to get hurt...but without pain there is no passion and happiness, no giddy dizziness that comes with love, and at the end of a relationship sometimes you just need feel everything there is to feel. After all when you love again you trust, NOT in the person to make you happy, but you trust in LOVE itself...the power and majesty of it needs to be felt in its entirety....so just  "Let it Bleed"

Let it Bleed is currently part of the DOCE:12x12 auction, bidding ends on July 16th.

Maria Sanchez